Monday, January 10, 2011

Sunday Dinner

So our church time just switched to 1-4. We've always hated afternoon church, but have to admit it's not so bad now that the kids are a little older. At any rate, we're trying to come up with a good plan for Sunday dinners. Ideally they aren't much work, and really they can't be since we're pretty much all starving by 5-ish. But we want GOOD food since there are several weeknights (between dance and basketball - MOST weeknights) that we aren't home right before dinner so we have to have easy meals then.

Yesterday our Sunday dinner was awesome. Aaron pulled some ribs out of the freezer (he'd bought them on sale a while back) poured half a bottle of Famous Dave's BBQ sauce on it (usually we make our own, but you know... time) and put it in the crockpot in the morning. I got out some Rhodes rolls before we left for church. When we came home we baked the rolls, broiled the ribs with a little more sauce, and thawed/warmed some leftover mash potatoes from the freezer. Oh, and washed some lettuce for a salad.
So crock pot might be the way to go... and the Rhodes rolls worked really well time-wise.

And we got yummy leftovers for lunch today. No more mashed potatoes, though, and the roll is replaced by our crusty bread (but it was hot - yum).

Anyone have any awesome Sunday Dinner After Late Church suggestions?

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