Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Dinner with 1/2 of the Jorgensen Siblings

Kirk had the idea of a Mediterranean feast for Easter. It seemed like a fitting and delicious idea. I took these photos before everything was done cooking...when we brought it all out to the table, I wasn't thinking of photos anymore, just of eating all the delicious pitas, falafel, tzadziki sauce, veggies, and fruit.

It's been great hanging out with Kari and Karl so much this week.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

chocolate chip cookies

I have become a chocolate chip cookie snob. I don't know that I can even call myself a connoisseur, just a snob. I love them. They are probably one of my favorite desserts, which is saying a lot for a girl who loves dessert and prioritizes it above most other meals. Dinner probably takes priority, but that's the only one. And it should be followed by dessert. Or two desserts.

Anyway, recently someone made us some chocolate chip cookies. I thought they were so bad I didn't even eat them--also not like me. I'm all about free food, especially if it's a cookie. I've had friends mail me cookies that I didn't finish because they just weren't up to par. With all this negative cookie karma I thought I should post my current favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe. You can find it here.

This is what they looked like when I made them (not a great picture, sorry). I promise they were excellent.

Why do I like them? Not because they're small. I actually didn't make them tiny like the recipe says to because the idea sounds ridiculous. I just made them smallish. I like them because they have a perfect butter, chocolate, nut balance. They aren't crispy but also not too gooey. I like that the chocolate is all chopped up. I'm very particular about my chocolate. I use Trader Joe's chocolate, but knowing not all have access to such things, most dark chocolate bars (for serious chocolate lovers) should work.

Kris doesn't like the chopped up chocolate, he likes chocolate chunks or chips better. To each his/her own. The only deviation I recommend from the recipe is the part about the nuts. I used almonds rather than walnuts (either would be good, I just love almonds even more than I love walnuts, and I really love walnuts) and I did cut them up by hand and I didn't cut them until they were super small. We found that if you cut them up super, super finely you can hardly tell they're there.

Besides this I love oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. I add oats to my Mom's recipe. For non-oat cookies I love Mom J's recipe, though I've also added a bit of oats to it. Alright, I'm done with my rant.