Sunday, May 23, 2010

Awesome pizza

On Kauai we ate at Brick Oven pizza (no connection with Brick Oven in Provo) based on a recommendation. It was awesome. This was cheese with fresh basil:

Still the best pizza

We were thrilled to find that Boston's North End Pizza on Oahu is still around. The pizza is as good as we remembered.

The pizzas are still too big for the boxes:


Sunday, May 9, 2010

quick meals

Usually when I make posts on this blog I post things that were exciting for me to make, and usually, but not always, that means it took a lot of time and/or effort. Lately I just don't have time so I am on a search for yummy meals with kid appeal that don't take a lot of effort (but aren't meals in a box).

This savory bread pudding is a favorite quick one I made recently--loved it (we got 3 of the 4 in our family to eat it, Sam wouldn't even get near it). I used rosemary instead of dill and a leek instead of a shallot b/c that's what I had. I went the mushroom route, not olive. I also used soy milk instead of regular. Other quick meals we love: Yaki soba is a big hit around here with my kids, I always throw in bok choy; burritos or tostadas with a little grated zucchini; rice cooked in coconut milk w/ nuts and veggies; paninis with roasted veggies; and pasta w/ bechamel sauce.

What are some quick meals you like?