Tuesday, July 22, 2008

milk bars

Milk bars were subsidized cafeteriaswhich were developed during the Soviet Era, so that anyone could afford a big plate of hearty food. Lucky for me, these places are still around. I eat at one of these almost everyday, because they offer so much food for so little money. This potatoe pancake dish, served with cabbage, carrots and peppers, is a big hit with us grad students here in krakow. 

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Camp Food

I just got back from Girls' Camp with my stake. We were up at the Heber Valley Camp, which is seriously amazing. The church is really doing an amazing thing making all these camps for Young Women. It was an awesome setup.

I'd heard such praise about the food the girls eat at camp. One of my neighbors is the camp cook, and has been for years and years. She has other callings, but insists on keeping this calling as well, which isn't easy. She is crazy-organized.

A huge part of why the food is good is because she can bake. She does use Dutch ovens for some stuff, but she uses these box ovens that she's made. On the ground is a piece of foil with a raised rack and hot coals surrounding the rack. Then she puts this foil-covered box over top and she can make anything.

When I first arrived at camp there were fresh from-scratch chocolate chip cookies to munch on. It was kinda funny, as people from other wards would walk by our campsite and be like 'How did you make those?' and people from the stake and from the campground were always hanging out watching Susan bake. As part of the girls' service project they made some box ovens to give to the couple-missionaries who live at the camp.

It's pretty cool because if you have an 'oven' you can make just about anything while you're camping. Really opens up your outdoor meal options.

That night she baked hams and parker house rolls (from scratch), made a yummy cheesy potato dutch oven dish (it had sprite in it!), (salad), and fried up donuts. Her spudnuts are a huge tradition at camp.

Pretty decent food when she cooked - but some of our meals were by the stake all together in the pavilion. My second night we had Hawaiian Haystacks by the stake. I tried to explain (just to those sitting by me) that that dish is not Hawaiian. It's such a 'Mormon' dish and I've never had it anywhere but Utah. People were shocked. It's standard Utah fare.

This particular batch of 'haystacks' was not so tasty.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Today after class I ate lunch at this super cheap and eccentric hole-in-the-wall place.  I had some pierogies which were very tasty.